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With Ms. Gauri Khatri ma’am and her team of editors, it was a very comfortable experience for me to apply to my intended MS program at several prestigious universities in the USA. The process of getting admission into a graduate program in the USA can be overwhelming but from day one she assured me that her guidance will make the journey a lot easier. And so was my overall experience. Their excellent essay drafting service was worth investing in. Moreover, they articulated each and every aspect of my undergraduate journey in a very professional and efficient way, through my essays. Most importantly, the efforts they put in and the belief they showed in me through my applications, was immensely applaudable.

Luv Goel


GGSIPU | Duke University

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"Ms. Gauri Khatri guided me throughout my masters' application. She was very supportive throughout the journey and moreover, motivated me when I wasn't confident enough. Gauri is exceptionally knowledgable in overseas education. She gives all her research and let you know about the universities. Because of her guidance, I got admit in some of the great universities in the USA - University of Florida, Gainesville, and the University of Arizona, Tucson. I wish her all the best for her future endeavors."

Sambanna Krishnan

ECE – University of Florida

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Gauri has been helpful in my efforts to showcase myself to top Business schools. She is an effective counsellor, a guide, and a great collaborator in difficult times. I have been called to interview to top business schools such as Emory University Goizueta Business School, University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, and University of Rochester Simon Business School. Without her, it would be very difficult to show my strengths in the right way and shape my resume as a comprehensive guide to my achievements. She guided me how to choose right managers so that they can give nice recommendations. Her directions and insights should be on the list of ‘must have things’ for an excellent application.
Veeranjaneya Ashok Tiruveedhula
STEM MBA Candidate' 22
I worked with Gauri for my applications to MBA schools in Canada & USA. She's helped me get accepted into some of the top MBA schools in Canada. Your essays are arguably the most important part of your application and Gauri helps you crack the "MBA Essay Code". She's highly methodical and practices perfect clarity in terms of the outlook of the essay in hand. What's impressed me most about her is that she allows you to express your ideas, thoughts and background in the essay which according to me is an essential component for the reviewer. Working on the same document from different cities wasn't a problem at all since she was always available for a brainstorming session or even help out with ideas. I highly recommend Gauri if you are looking for help with your applications abroad.
Saif Rahman
DeGroote School of Business - McMaster University
I worked with Gauri during my MBA application process. She is an amazing editor who not only helps you refine your application essays but also tries to articulate your passion, achievements and personal aspirations through the writing. I had a wonderful experience working with her. She is professional and friendly at the same time and will prioritize your deadlines over her personal work. I remember her helping with my submission while she was attending a marriage. Thanks for all the efforts that you have put, I wish you all the very best with your career and life!
Sandhya Bhatia
William & Mary Degree NameMaster of Business Administration - MBAGrade
I was introduced to Gaurie when I started working on my Master's application process. She helped me tremendously in articulating my achievements, successes, personal aspirations in to my application essays. She is not just a creative writer, but also, an individual who understands your story and would carve it to perfection. She is very friendly and always ready to help. It was my pleasure working with her and I wish her best luck in all her future endeavors.
Anil Joshi
University of Connecticut | Master’s Degree, Business Analytics and Project Management
It's my honour and pleasure to provide this recommendation for Gauri as she pursues her career as a senior editor with Jamboree. I approached Gauri for the guidance over applications for MBA Schools in Canada and USA. She was not only thorough, but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions. Her knowledge and attention to details have aided in not only managing the deadlines for the applications but also providing enough time for proofreading. She helped in delivering the message in a very professional and consistent approach by providing a cutting edge with her sheer dedication and enthusiasm for her work. I strongly believe that Gauri's writing will not only make an application look professional but also keep the personal touch of your story intact.
Anshul Yadav
York University - Schulich School of Business
Gauri is very helpful as well as a friendly person. I worked with her during my admission process in 2015 where I needed to write so many letters and other materials. Her guidance and inputs made my life really better. I think its very challenging to listen and write someone else's story which she does effortlessly. She has a unique way of presentation that makes an article simple, informative and attractive at the same time. Her suggestions and techniques are still useful to me that helped my writing get better. I wish her all the best.
Shailabh Rauniyar
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
I worked with Gauri during my graduate application process. She helped me with Resume ,SOP, and Essays. She has exceptional writing skills. She helped me to put together my experience, projects and co-curricular activities in a such a way that I could tell my story and build a strong application. I wish her all the best for her future endeavors.
Karishma Velisetty
Georgia State University
Gauri mentored and guided me throughout my application process for my Masters application. She helped me narrow my options based on my strengths and current industry trends. Her knowledge on these aspects is exceptional. She also mentored me throughout the tough times in preparing for the exams - both GRE and TOEFL, and also gave me advice on which scores to target for which universities. She also gave me recommendations for aiming for higher and more ambitious universities rather than playing the safe game. I highly recommend Gauri's mentoring for all those aiming for education abroad.
Swagata Ashwani
Data Science | Machine Learning
I availed Gauri's services to prepare my MBA application for Schulich School of Business, York Univ., Canada. Gauri helped me tremendously in articulating my achievements, successes, personal aspirations in to my application essays. I have been a working professional from the last years- however, I was stuck when it came to put all my career milestones, awards, or other academic/extracurricular accolades into a MBA essay. This is where Gauri's services came in handy- she guided me what to include and more importantly what to omit from the limited word essays. She helped me structure my essays- so it would not only present relevant facts but also given an insight into my person- which the application reviewers like. On a personal note, Gauri is also a really pleasant person to work with. She was available to work with me at all times of the day (this was crucial for me as- my job timings are never fixed). She also gave me invaluable inputs on cracking the interview. I wish her all the best for her future endeavours.
Apoorv Nagpal
I met Gauri when I was preparing my application for the masters program. Apart from your GRE/GMAT score, quality of essays play a pivotal role in selection process and Gauri brings out the experience and skills that helps in shaping the essays and maximizing your chances of selection. Her essential characteristics - critical, fast and responsive, helps her to drill down the information and create a complete package which makes a candidate stands out. She has been really helpful at all the steps of essay formulation and provided some great feedback. She is always able to put across the information in a way, which is most eye-catching and high in quality. Finally, and not least, as a person she’s also a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend aspiring applicants to utilize her expertise while planning for higher education abroad.
Mohammad Yasar Arshad
University of Connecticut
Patience and perseverance is what I have learnt from Gauri. I worked with her for my master’s application. It was a great experience as she is not only a great writer but also a very flexible counsellor to work with. She is very affable and would put in great amount of efforts to make your application look holistic. Her ability to pay attention to each and every detail coupled with her writing skills will give your application an extra edge. She would be the only support you need to climb up your ladder in the tough phase of applications
Akshay Jain
Supply Chain Analyst
Its been a while that I have known Gauri. She is an expert in her domain and she pens word perfectly as per requirement. She delivered before time and it was a great help in submitting various applications. What's important is give her all relevant information, and she will not disappoint. I relied on her because of her extensive experience and knowledge about the subject. It eventually helped me in securing MBA admission in one of top B schools. I wish her all the very best for future endeavors.
Aninder Dhaka
York University - Schulich School of Business
I connected with Gauri to enhance my Masters application and the first thing that impressed me was the personal attention that I received. Her ability to put across facts in a crisp, concise and impactful manner is praiseworthy. She is the kind of person who you could reach out for help anytime and she would gladly oblige. She can make a poorly written piece very interesting with her skillful edits and vocabulary. She's also very punctual and I have had an extremely pleasant experience with Gauri.
Sid S.
National University of Singapore
The first time I spoke to her I was awe inspired. The clarity of thought, the warmth, and the understanding were surreal. I look back at my first essays which I used to apply to SMU in October of 2016 and they were such a mess, scattered, no congruency, nothing. Gauri took my story and made it a tapestry and the most beautiful thing about a tapestry is that every stitch matters. Gauri put her everything into every stick and I can't thank her enough for it.
Mihir Samir Verma
ESSEC Business School
I had the pleasure of working with Gauri, during 2016-2017. Gauri, is a sharp person, who has a very structured and coherent thought-process and gives valuable inputs. She believes in quality over quantity and sticks to her commitments. Given the opportunity, I would love to work with her again.
Vridhi Tuli
Ivey Business School at Western University
I have worked with Gauri for my MBA applicatons - from conceptualization to refinement & the finished product. As an editor, she is to the point & helps put your best foot forward. She is insightful & knows what perspective to follow, all the while staying true to the client's personality. As a person, she is prompt, always available, open to feedback & invests in the client wholeheartedly. Her encouragement & belief in me helped me achieve my desired goal.
Eipsita Tikoo
Indian School of Business
Gauri is a flawless and proficient writer. She did a great job on my application.The thing I was most impressed with was her ability to give me personal attention and time for every query I had, even though she, I knew had a lot of applications to work on.This certainly is a clear indicator of her attention-to detail and time management skills
Naman Bader
University of Texas at Dallas - Naveen Jindal School of Management
Gauri was very helpful in drafting and making several iterations of my essays. The quality of her editing and turn around time are par excellence. She is the go-to person for essays or any writing assignment.
Shashank Kapoor
IMT-CDL Ghaziabad
I was lucky to have Gauri assigned to me by Jamboree for my essays during my applications for MBA. An absolute delight to work with; her competency lies in her exceptional skills to understand her clients well, motivate them and to extract the best of them. Concise flawless writing skills coupled with experience in the university applications make her one of the best in this field.
Surbhi Chawla
University of Oxford - Said Business School
Imagination and creativity is the one of the key elements to being a good writer and editor. And Gauri has inspired me to trigger both these qualities. Also, her friendly attitude and patience goes a long way in building good relationships. She has also helped me remove my mental blocks and helped me write better. Thanks for everything Gauri and hope you keep climbing the ladder of success!
Rochan Tipre
The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business
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