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Features that make Pegasus’ services Golden

All your application needs at one platform, loaded with unlimited brainstorming sessions.

Your journey of overseas application is a summation of several aspects, each of which is equally important. When you partner with Pegasus, we work on every bit of your application requisites. Essays, SOPs, LORs, and anything else that is needed for you to land straight at the best institutes.

We ‘empower’ profiles in a way that they speak out for themselves.

Every profile is dynamic in it’s own way. Every applicant has a certain background and several strengths. What is challenging is how all of that is put forward for the admissions committee. Team Pegasus has superpowers at this aspect. Our counsellors and editors know just what it takes to present the best of you to the selectors and grab their green signals.

Top-tier institutes to choose from for applications, and lots of scholarship opportunities come along.

With so many colleges and institutes functioning, it can get a little tough to pick out the best ones to apply to. Well, Pegasus knows how to overcome the dilemma. Counsellors at Pegasus will work with you to pin out the finest universities for you according to your target courses and dreams. Once you have a strong profile speaking out for itself travelling to the admissions committees, deserving scholarships are certain to follow.

No template-based work procedure, candidate- and profile-tailored gameplan.

Pegasus has partnered with a couple thousands of applicants over the years. And one fact we know and value is that every applicant brings something different along. No one frame can fit in all profiles, which is why Team Pegasus prepares an exclusively erected gameplan for each of our partners. You’ll partner with a team that focuses all on you.

No ticking clocks or deadly deadlines, we begin working early. Big NO to any hassles!

Different institutes across the world function according to different protocols. What is means is that you have different application dates to meet. Keeping that above all, Pegasus begins working with you early. We plan out and empower your profile safe in time, saving you all the deadline chase and your applications gets selected before all others.

A team of enthusiastic consultants and editors to hand-hold at every step.

When you decide to work with consultants, you entrust your dreams. Our team of counsellors and editors at Pegasus value that the most, which is why they’re all about you when you partner with us. Everyone is available round the clock to help you out at all steps and answer any queries you might have. We’re team omnipresent!

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