Pegasus Global is the brainchild of
Ms. Gauri Khatri, our superwoman. With over 10 years of exposure to the consultancy industry, she noticed the old-chestnut ways in which consultants ‘branded’ their ‘clients’ and she knew she had to build an agency that does not ‘sell’ a profile like an ad-company would sell a detergent powder.
So here is the founding principle of Pegasus.

What do we do?

We ‘partner’ with students and dreamers of higher education in the top-class institutes of the world and we believe in empowering profiles and stories in such a way that they speak out for themselves and play their part in stacking all odds in the favor of our partner students.Pegasus, ever since it was birthed, has aimed at making applications speak for themselves. Our team of consultants and editors listens to the narratives of our ‘partner’ students instead of walking on a template-based process. 

We don’t speak for you, we are your tool to speak up for yourself and that is what sets Pegasus apart. No ticking clocks, and plenty of brainstorming sessions because every application we give out is one-off and distinctive. Our success stories are proof of how our application gameplans are disfiguring all apple carts in the ‘market’. 

Our Journey So Far

With 3 years of unparalleled success stories and some couple thousands of admits all across the face of the globe, Pegasus takes away the first prize when it comes to revealing the power of narratives through an entirely candidate-focused application build-up. 

Now you know why the name ‘Pegasus’- we aspire to be the hidden yet crucial force of power, that comes to your rescue at all times of need and lifts you above everything ordinary- be that your resume or your essays. So when you partner with Pegasus, no land across the Earth is off-limits and you work with us to go beyond perceived application-templates and your journey takes you directly to the admits-pile of your target institution! 

Today, we’re proud to have been the invisible partner of many, many, many journeys across the expanse of oceans and skies. What began as a small network of professionals working on extra-ordinary profiles in an office-setting is now a neural net of consultants, editors, alumni from top-schools, and partner students. 

That is who we are, and we incredibly continue to be! 

“I partnered with Gauri and her team at Pegasus back in 2018 when I had little to zero ideas about the process of MBA application in a foreign university. Gauri and her team were available round the clock to answer any queries I might have. The entire procedure was carried out in smaller, more manageable steps, making it a partnership to success. Gauri skilfully molded my work experience into a profile that spoke out loud about my strengths and achievements- all with tons of patience and lots of motivation. A huge thanks to the entire team, I landed a seat in the MBA program at Toronto’s Schulich Business School, one of the best business schools in the world. It’s been a roller coaster that drives only towards success and bigger dreams!”
Faraz Khair
MBA Batch of ‘21, Schulich School of Business, York University Canada

About Gauri Khatri

An overseas education consultant, an editor, the Founder and CEO of Pegasus Global- Ms. Gauri Khatri is a one-woman force and a reservoir of inspiration and success for many. She is known far and wide for being exceptionally passionate about and devoted to every role she takes up. 

Having worked with a couple of thousands of students and hand-led them to their dream institutions, Ms. Gauri Khatri is the backbone of Pegasus and it is overwhelming to see her spear-heading every application to the green-signal from every admissions-committee. 

It is her belief that every narrative be built and shaped in a way that it speaks out the story of our ‘partner’ and unmistakably appeals to the admission committee. An admission to top-ranking institutions, well-deserved scholarships, and an incredibly-built profile narrative- that is her forte ever since 2008 and it is under her warm leadership that Pegasus Global boasts of what it is today.

Meet Our Team

Zero cubicles, not a sausage of paperwork, and no early morning hush-rush. You read that right! The Pegasus team is now partnering and functioning entirely digitally.


Sachin has been an irreplaceable part of Pegasus ever since we came into being. He has been with Ms Gauri through it all-the ideation, the foundation, the setting-up, the branding, the kick-off, the cementing, and the development. 

And how amazingly that speaks of who Sachin is for Pegasus! Sachin is highly specialized in applicant-counseling, profile-shaping, and game plan strategy for applications to, perhaps, all courses out there- MBAs, Masters, and PhDs. He is the go-to for it all.  It is now evident how Sachin has worked from zero to the top of numerous (another couple thousand) applications and that’s not where it ends. 

He is himself, a research fellow in the field of AI and technology. Apart from working with Pegasus, he is pursuing research work in International Political Economy at CMU. Apart from Carnegie Mellon, he has received admits from the London School of Economics, Columbia University, Duke- the list goes on and on!

An incredibly talented colleague (he’s all about trekking all of the Himalayas and capturing the most beautiful night skies) and a source of positive energy for all of the atmosphere around!

Raj Lamba

Our ISB resource person! Raj is a rapt, laser-focused Business Analyst at Ernst and Young. But that’s not all! He decided to get some exposure in the management industry and landed at ISB to pursue his PGP. His experience of being part of a student-driven business school empowers Raj to rightfully and confidently help many of Pegasus’s partners and alumni who intend to grab a deep insight about the ISBs, the atmosphere there, and admissions to other top institutes. 

He opines that the faculty is of wholly first-rate standards, just like the global caliber, which makes classroom learning engrossing and thought-provoking. The ISB skies helped him develop a comprehensive, holistic approach towards solving real-world business problems and transformed him into a goal-oriented achiever. 

Presently, he works at Gartner in the Global Strategy & Operations team, and he’s here at Pegasus as a Consultant. Raj believes that each applicant has a unique, powerful story and it needs to be understood and evaluated to bring about the desired results. ISB aspirants who partner with Pegasus are sure to benefit tremendously from all the secret, inside information and insights that Raj brings in!

Vikas Jain

A top-ranking CA by profession, with around two decades of experience in all major industries (manufacturing, insurance, BPO- you name it), Vikas has been the chief mentor and consultant for a lot of time now. 

He has partnered with several aspirants, now rightfully admitted to ISBs and starry, dreamy institutes around the world for strategy and finance-related courses. He brings in wide domains of experience and that makes him all the more valuable to the team. 

He’s currently the CIO and Financial Controller of Max Bupa Health Insurance and has made significant contributions towards building a strong controllership and finance function at Max Bupa. And before that, he spent 6 years with Max India in the strategy function domain. 

But no, that’s not the limit. 

Vikas has also had stints with Larsen and Toubro and GE Capital during the initial phases of his career.  Everything we all aspire to be and more, right? Lots of inspiration and nowhere-else-found lessons coming in from Vikas. A precious colleague to have, hands down, hats off!

Ram Venkatramani

Executive Director and Portfolio Manager at Thomas White International (a boutique investment management firm), Ram oversees international and emerging market strategies. 

He has over 15 years of experience in the global financial market and holds CFA and CIPM designations from the CFA Institute, USA. He graduated with a degree in Engineering from Madras University and studied Finance and Risk management at New York University. Ram regularly participates and speaks at various financial forums in Bangalore, and has been a judge at the annual CFA Research Challenge. 

He defines his limits himself, and his interests also fall in the fields of behavioral psychology, quantitative finance, and history. Talk to him about anything and everything and you’re sure to learn something fresh.

One of the founder members at Pegasus, Ram played a pivotal role in strategizing and business development. His insightful knowledge of everything finance makes him an invaluable asset to Pegasus and that’s why he has successfully helped our partners get into their dream colleges!

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