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Gauri Khatri

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The focus of this blog is on individuals targeting 2020 admissions. Communicating with existing students of B -schools you are seeking admission to is useful for the following reasons:

· Helps you research on the course and get an idea of the faculty, boarding facilities, placement opportunities

· A fair idea on the school’s expectations definitely helps you in your application process, especially while documenting school essays, statement of purpose etc

· In case you make to the B school, entering the campus with friends or acquaintances makes the entire process smooth.

In order to look beyond school websites, we recommend admission aspirants to try contacting individuals in a few relevant groups

Current Students

Students pursuing the same course you are interested in are definitely the best point of contact. They can always provide you better information than school websites. A student currently enrolled in a program is the best judge to evaluate the faculty, student support initiatives and overall culture of the school. In addition to reaching out to your friends or acquittances it is a good idea to touch base with student representatives of clubs and programs you are interested in. This information is easily available in school websites as well.


Students currently enrolled in a program are definitely useful in providing inputs on programs. However, a school’s alumni can often give you a realistic viewpoint on how far the program can fulfil your career goals. Contacting alumni’s through social networks or school sponsored events will be beneficial for you to evaluate a program’s strengths. You may also gain some inputs on certain add on classes or course that will add value to your degree post completion.


The faculty at business schools are not very easily accessible as current students and alumni. However, if you have identified a particular individual who’s blog or research paper has captivated your interest, be proactive in sending a note to the faculty member. Be reasonable in sending emails and send it with the intention to stay in touch with a person who’s knowledge intrigues you. Getting a feedback on course strengths from a faculty member is a great help and should be considered only if you are using this an opportunity to enhance your knowledge. At no point should you connect with a professor just to increase your social contacts.

Individual aspiring to pursue MBA should carefully evaluate and consider these points especially the ones looking at 2020 admit. Besides the point discussed there are many websites and blogs dedicated to specific schools. Kindly refer to the link for information on different schools

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