Improving your MBA application after submission: How?

Gauri Khatri

Gauri Khatri

Founder, Pegasus Global Consultants

Contrary to popular belief, your role in the entire admission procedure does not end once you send in your application(s) to the school(s) of your choosing. Apart from anxiously waiting to hear back from the business schools that you have applied to, there are quite a lot of things you could do that could increases your chances of getting admitted to said business school. Here are a few things you could do to improve your standing and ensure that you get the admit you so desperately desire:


Improve your GMAT score

GMAT can be taken—and re-taken—at any point of time, so any time is a good time to attempt or reattempt the exam. If you were not able to achieve the best possible score of your abilities due to any reason, you could always reattempt the GMAT and strengthen your application.

The key thing to note here is to make sure that you send you application to the school in time, because once it is received by the school before the deadline, you can take a breath and send in updated information at your own pace (well within a stipulated timeline, of course). Replacing a good GMAT score with a great GMAT score does pay off, as it significantly increases your standing among the pool of applications. A thorough analysis of what you need to work on in order to improve your GMAT score is a must, since it is more than likely that you would get only one more chance to improve your score before the admission committee is done reviewing all the applications.


Ask for an interview

Most business schools include interviews as a mandatory activity in their admission procedure. However, there may be certain schools that do not conduct interviews mandatorily, and in such cases, requesting one could make you stand out. You see, MBA schools are looking for candidates who are serious about pursuing management, and have the ‘whatever it takes’ quality in place; you taking a couple extra steps to ensure admission to the institution demonstrates just that. Sending in a stellar application and then following it up with an impressive interview almost guarantees your spot at the school of your choice. Be polite but firm in requesting for an interview, and then do your very best.


Update the latest accomplishments

Do not consider any detail as minor; all accomplishments matter, and you never know which accomplishment could convince the admission committee of your calibre of handling the rigours of a management course. Therefore, ensure that you update your submitted application with any and all noteworthy achievements like a promotion, finishing a project successfully, and the like. However, make sure that you provide all this information without coming across as bothersome; present it in a consolidated and concise manner.


Therefore, your work does not end once you submit your application; there are still ways to ensure that your application impresses the officials reviewing it, and you get admitted into the school of your dreams.

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