MBA: Applying Young

Gauri Khatri

Gauri Khatri

Founder, Pegasus Global Consultants

The common perception about pursuing MBA abroad is that you need to have a significant amount of work experience before you apply for an MBA degree. The ‘acceptable’ length of work experience in such cases could range from anywhere between three to five years, depending upon your field of work, the course you wish to pursue, as well as the reputation of the college you wish to pursue your MBA from. However, the fact remains: work experience is an essential factor in deciding whether or not you get admitted to your school of choice. Of late, younger applicants are applying for MBA degrees abroad as well, and if you are one of them, then there are quite a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you land that admit that you are after:


· Build your profile academically: Work experience of an applicant is essentially a measure of their understanding of the field they are employed in; if you can convince the admission officer reviewing your application that you are thorough with your field of study/work, you are good to go. Your grades and other academic qualifications must be at par with those who are older than you and applying for MBA, if you want to be admitted to your school of choice early.


· Prove your leadership skills: Another thing you need to convince the admission officer of is your leadership skills. This can be done by providing proof of participation (and excellence, if you really want to make a difference) in various extracurricular activities, internships and the like. This convinces the officer reviewing your application that despite your relative inexperience, you have all the necessary qualities that an MBA program demands.


· Explain your decision: The most basic as well as most important question that you need to know the answer to is that what makes you think you are ready for an MBA right now, instead of later?

Here, you explain your stand to the admission officer, by telling them why you feel you are ready to pursue MBA from a reputed institution. You must know exactly what sets you apart from all other companions, regardless of whether they are younger or older than you, that make you capable of handling all the rigours of an MBA degree.


· Emphasise recent accomplishments: The important thing to keep in mind while putting together your application for MBA schools is that always emphasise on your most recent achievements. While it is good to recount your grade school and high school accomplishments, your recent achievements are what help the admission officer gain an idea about your current professional and personal aptitude.


Aside from the above mentioned points, what must always be kept in mind is to make sure that you do not come off as petty or immature in your essays, since that would be very counterintuitive. While it is always beneficial to have work experience under your belt, lack of the same must not impede in the way of your dreams if you prepare your application well.

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