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Gauri Khatri

Gauri Khatri

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Reputed schools all over the globe boast of a meticulous admission procedure that is capable of recognizing the best of the best from the vast pool of candidates. There is no particular checklist of boxes that an applicant must tick to secure an acceptance from such schools; the whole process is extremely personal to each and every candidate.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to ensure that you meet all the requirements of the course at the school you’re applying to. All documents must be presented in the exact order and format, as requested by the school. Other important elements involved in a complete business school application are as follows:

  • Academic record up to the undergraduate degree

  • GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores

  • All pertinent details about the applicant’s work experience

  • Letters of recommendation

  • Resume

  • Information about career goals

  • Personal essays

It is mandatory for all candidates applying to a business school to hold a Bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent degree. There are no special advantages to those who hold a Bachelor’s degree in areas related to business, so no matter what your undergraduate course of study has been, with the right experience, no business school is off-limits. Having a strong academic record is a definite plus, and any relevant project/internships must be highlighted properly to put your best foot forward. Also, extracurricular activities also provide an advantage to the applicant, provided they can emphasize on an important and relevant skill that can add value to the application.


Apart from the black and white facts, business schools also look for qualities beyond a strong academic record and a long list of extracurricular activities. Curriculums of business schools are quite demanding and slacking off is not an option. Hence, it becomes important for the applicant to convince the admission council that they have the ability to work well under pressure without cracking, as well as motivate themselves when the going gets tough. Crafting an impressive response to the essay questions as well as an adequate amount of prior work experience goes a long way in building an application that guarantees an acceptance.


It is quite difficult for international students to obtain a loan or any other kind of financial assistance. However, the best of these reputed schools may offer some more programs that make it slightly more feasible for the students to finance their education. Banks in India do offer education loans at reasonable interest rates, which are quite easy to obtain, and may be some of the most viable sources of external funding.


Most business schools require proof of financial ability of the candidate before they provide the applicant with documents for the visa application. Also, the candidate needs to present with adequate documents in order to convince the school of their ability to pay for their degree.


About Deferred MBA program


If you have been selected for the Deferred MBA program, you would be granted a pre-admission, usually 2 years in advance, during which you could be in college or undergoing a Master’s program.

The hallmark of this program is, the first 2 years would be dedicated to working and the next 2 years would be spent being a part of the full-time MBA program.


What are Deferred MBA oriented candidates in for?


● Academicians, who are clearly inclined towards management and business can consider undertaking a deferred MBA program and are currently a young college senior.

● Best career resources can be accessed in the nascent stage of their career.

● Best minds of the top B-schools would be their mentors in this distinguished program.


Top-ranked B-schools offering Deferred MBA programs

  • Harvard

  • Yale School of Management

  • Indian Business School


Candidates are selected on the basis of the following merits:


Candidates who have applied for Deferred MBA program, won’t be having much work experience and so would be assessed for their leadership qualities through intelligence, common sense, maturity, curiosity, passion, compassion and so on.

These candidates are expected to have distinguished themselves in a particular field of interest.

They could be top-ranked students in Olympiad, won particular competitions or have their own startup, etc.


Eligibility for Deferred MBA Program


Candidates are eligible for Deferred MBA program when they are in their final year of study. They could be candidates from:

  • Bachelor Degree Programs

  • Joint Bachelor/Graduate Degree Programs

  • Graduate Degree Program (candidates have not held a full-time work position)

  • To be eligible for the 2+2 program, candidates should move on to graduate program straight from their undergraduate school.

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The application process for Top Business Schools


The application process differs from school to school, thus it would be recommended to go through each school’s website carefully before the admission process.

  • The student is required to have a competent GMAT/ GRE score

  • A competent IELTS/TOEFL score (In case the native language of the student is not English)

  • 2 LORS will be required, one from an academic instructor and one from an employer.

  • A current resume of the student

  • An Essay/Statement of Purpose

The shortlisted candidates would be invited for a Skype interview or for an interview in person.


After being gauged through this 2-stage process, the student would receive the final admit from college.


A typical early admit MBA program assesses the student on grounds of high GMAT/GRE scores, GPA, academic diversity, extracurricular accomplishments, and internships. They do not have much work experience, thus would be gauged by the above criteria.

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