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Requisites for a PhD Application

  • Securing admission to a PhD program abroad with scholarship you should have excellent GRE and the subject GRE scores since for many universities subject GRE is mandatory.

  • When you finally decide to apply, then correspond with universities to mention your area of specialization, the area in which you are interested and want to do your research work. Briefing the admission council about the specialization and how you became interested in this field would highlight your commitment to obtain a PHD Degree.


Steps to obtain a PhD Degree

  • Primarily, you join as a PHD candidate and upon successful completion of the required coursework along with qualifying exams you qualify as a PhD student. From there onwards, you are required to focus on completing your dissertation.

  • Another important section of your application process is to appear for certain qualifying examinations such as IELTS/TOEFL, GRE, etc. Usually these are divided into written and oral modules. Most of the universities, especially in US prefer to receive these scores by the application deadline.

  • The qualifying exams written module is composed of a series of cumulative exams to analyse your abilities and knowledge of the specific field comprehensively. Whereas the oral section comprises of the defense of an original, yet feasible research proposal.

  • On being accepted into the program, a dissertation advisor will closely monitor your progress in the program.

  • The duration of completing a PhD from abroad with scholarship may vary from 3 to 10 years since it depends on the specific field of study and your progress graph in your studies.


What is Teaching Assistantship?

  • All PhD candidates and even some graduate school students get the opportunity to teach undergraduate courses in your field of study while simultaneously pursuing your studies. This assignment is referred as a Teaching Assistantship or TA.

  • A Teaching Assistantship or TA, helps the student to gain the essential practical exposure to embark upon a career in the field of academics.

  • Apart from opting for a TA you can consider other fellowships options available that may include associating with senior researchers and professors as a Research Assistants, or working as RA, in the laboratory.


The Thesis and Dissertation


From applying for a PhD program to completing your dissertation entails several factors that are to be considered seriously as such.


Selecting mentor and university

  • The foremost importance you must give before applying to PHD program is choosing the apt university and mentor.

  • To select your mentor from a pool of talented professors is tedious but you should choose the one whose line of work is in sync with your interested field of study.

  • Before approaching the professor to be your mentor, study his direction of work thoroughly and check if it aligns with your thesis subject and requirements. The harder you work towards it, the more are the chances you will be privileged to work under an ideal mentor.

  • The university selection should be based on the fact that it specializes in your field of study.

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