Researching the correct MBA school and program for yourself

Gauri Khatri

Gauri Khatri

Founder, Pegasus Global Consultants

There is no sure fire way to be one hundred percent sure of the school you’re choosing, besides of course, research. Thorough research and complete awareness are the only weapons at your disposal while you navigate the treacherous waters of picking out the MBA program and the school that is just right for you.

One question that might arise in your mind during your research is why exactly am I doing this? Well, the fact is that applying to MBA schools is not cheap; every school charges separate application fees, and sending your GMAT and TOEFL scores to these schools also involves money. Therefore, on an average, an applicant sends out at most six to seven applications, and to make sure that those applications amount to something, you need to be sure that you are applying only to the schools that you would actually like to attend.

The process of selecting schools to apply to is largely subjective and depends on the individual, but there are a couple of steps that you can follow to make it a little easier, which include the following:

Outline your career goals

The most important thing to do before you start going through the wide array of schools is to understand exactly what your career goals are. This should help you eliminate quite a few schools based on whether they do or don’t align with your long term professional goals.

Read up on what the school expects from you

Okay, now you know what you expect from the institution you attend. Now it is time to read up on what the school of your choice expects from you, the applicant. Do your expectations match with those of the school of your choice at every level? These are the questions that further help you understand the kind of environment that you want to pursue your masters in, and helps streamline the number and type of school you should apply to.

Explore all program options

Once you have decided on a handful of schools that you shall be applying to, now it’s time to thoroughly go through all the course options that they offer. Do they offer the exact course you want? What are the subjects included in that course? Do they offer enough practical training to supplement classroom teaching? The same school may offer different programs that cater to your different needs, so be sure to check for all available options before making a choice.

The alumni of the school

Of course, it is important to know about the alumni of the school so that you have an idea about the history of the institution that you shall be placing your future in. If you can, then reach out to the alumni of the school to get a more accurate and in-depth idea of how the school you are looking for facilitates its students in achieving their career goals.

Other than these steps, looking up the ranking of MBA schools across the world may also be helpful in making a decision about which school to apply for.

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