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The global scenario today is impacting the international job markets and thus prompting Overseas Education process to have an additional emphasis on: “The Post Study Work Visa”.

Let’s understand step-by-step what this is and why it is crucial ….



The basic meaning of a post-study work visa is the work permit given by any nation to foreign students that allows them to continue to work in that nation after completing their studies from that very nation.

Panicking how to get it: Read the details in the following section


To obtain a post-study work visa, the student has to carefully assess the procedure of the country in which he is going to study. Each country follows a different set of rules to grant a

Post-study work visa. Overseas students can work alongside the citizens after completing their education with ease in some countries owing to their foreign students’ friendly policies that require simple paperwork and easy to follow procedure. In other countries, the student has to go through the rigorous process to get a visa as these nations prefer to maintain the influx of immigrants. It may lead you to requiring a sponsor for your work visa.


Feeling all messed up…..let’s make it easy!!


Being an Overseas Admission Consultants, we take it as our responsibility to discuss the pros and cons of applying for Post-study Visa in the simplified manner and make the Overseas Education Process an experience not a burden.


Here we go……


The section below consists of pointers that brief students on important aspects with respect to Eligibility, Terms & Conditions and Tenure of the Visa in the specific country.

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