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Gauri Khatri

Gauri Khatri

Founder, Pegasus Global Consultants

A goal without a plan is merely a wish, and getting into a reputed business school anywhere in the world is an ambitious goal that requires a lot of thorough planning.


The question that troubles almost every business school aspirant is ‘what exactly are the business schools looking for in the applicants?’


This question may be answered to a significant extent by simply analyzing the statistics of applicants that have been admitted to your school of choice in the past couple of intakes. Of course, the rules governing the decision of whether an applicant does or does not get an admit keep changing, but the said analysis does help to get a handle on whether your profile matches the general crowd that is associated with the school of your choice.

Among the qualities that business school specifically look for, following are the most prime ones that play a key role in impressing the admissions council:


Academic Record

Although your overall grades do have a significant bearing on your acceptance into business school, the scope of the term ‘academic record’ is not only limited to their GPA or grades in school and/or college. They don’t want to know how well you did on all the mandatory courses that you had to study as a part of your curriculum; they want to know what else you studied to build on it. All the extra courses or classes that you took, they matter here.

Of course, your GMAT scores are also considered while making a decision, so it’s always advisable to put your best foot forward with an impressive score. This helps establish you as an ideal candidate who has the calibre to withstand the rigorous MBA curriculum.


Industry Experience

Apart from the academic aspect of your profile, the top business schools across the globe also pay due attention to how you have implemented the know-how in the industry. Applicants with significant work experience are preferred by business schools, since they are believed to be more familiar with the workings of the industry than the ones who are lacking in work experience.


Exhibits of Leadership

This is the part of your profile that elaborates on occasions where you have exhibited the qualities of a leader. Business schools look for individuals who have the knack to lead, and if you have done the same in your academic and/or professional career so far, then you are good to go.



This aspect of your profile is largely out of your control, but it does help to be aware of the fact that business schools don’t judge every application the same way. In short: diversity matters. If you are a girl, you shall be judged differently. If you belong to a developing or underdeveloped nation, then your application will be judged in a different manner. Therefore, what you shall be able to contribute to the school based on your background also plays a key role in you getting accepted.


The X Factor

The x-factor is the one thing that makes you, you; whatever unique ability or talent that you have, this is the term for it. Applicants need to know how to present their talents and special qualities in a way that impresses the admissions council, and convinces them that they are a good fit for the institution.



A clear understanding of why you wish to pursue management is a must, apart from the intention of landing a high-paying job. You must know what trajectory you want your career to take, and where it leads.


These are a couple major pointers about things to keep in mind when applying to a business school, to ensure that you are building your profile in accordance with the requirements of your dream school.

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